“…simply put, CPI’s technical expertise runs as deep as your business needs.”

CentrePoint (CPI) understands the landscape of ever changing technology. Our expertise can guide you through the maze of acronyms and misconceptions to ensure that you are getting the most from new technology.

Today’s digital world is comprised of many technological areas from social media and google searches to cloud technology and virtualization. These technologies require an understanding of this digital world and how to apply new strategies to specific business needs. CPI's expertise in technology strategies reflects our 20+ years of experience in the field.

  • Database Design

  • Data Warehousing

  • Infrastructure Design & Management

  • Technological Startups

  • Software Design & Development

  • Data Research

  • Virtualization

  • Cloud Computing


A proven track record, CPI knows...

  • how to build databases and data capture strategies.

  • big data and how companies can use it to their marketing advantage.

  • how to use market research to build customer value.

  • how to customize every project to build value and show direct ROI.

  • how to build value with pragmatic project management.

  • cloud technology is the foundation of a technology strategy.

  • how to build a successful website / e-commerce strategies.

  • software development and agile methodologies.

Technology Strategies

Many business owners understand the need for technology strategies to achieve their business goals. Providing technological solutions with proven ROI, in a pragmatic and understandable way, is our key value proposition. CPI understands that cloud technology has many applications to satisfy business needs and goals.

Cloud technology utilizes computer virtualization to provide an internet accessible platform that performs business functions from shared computer infrastructure. The virtualization layer separates computing resources from the physical hardware infrastructure. These resources can be assembled into on-demand computer systems or applications, shifting the responsibility for critical hardware and software functions to a centralized resource / organization. This gives businesses the ability to insure continued operation and state of the art function with reduced operational risk and greater functionality.

  • Virtualization of Business Functions – CPI understands how to map the key elements of a business function to the cloud technology components necessary to achieve unified strategies in your business operations. Having a unified strategy enables metrics and reporting of business functions to ensure consistency in customer experience and operations. Additionally, there are many ancillary benefits including: cost saving, mobility, standardization, and faster adaption to technology changes.

  • Human Resource Planning – In today's work environment cloud technology gives your business increased flexibility that enables your employees and partners to work smarter, not harder. This increased flexibility benefits your human resource strategy as well as your employees. As a business owner, you can make operational decisions to determine the best way to procure a service (right-sourcing) whether it be in-house, outsourcing or partnership. Mobility in the workplace provides increased employee / partner engagement and enhanced productivity.

Big data comprises the technological strategies that make use of industry, market and customer experience data from real-time and historical sources. Using this data to formulate research strategies adds business value and drives business development. These research strategies make up the core foundation for defining your business position in the marketplace.

  • Customer Segmentation Research – Understanding what your customers value from your business is the first step in successful market segmentation research. Using advanced data capture techniques is important in developing product and service offerings. CPI understands the segmentation process through research driven strategies that will enable your business to define its specific value propositions and differentiators.

  • Business Positioning CPI's data analysis strategies provide objective interpretations and insight into key elements of market verticals. These strategies help businesses analyze data from various sources, enabling competitive analysis and determination of market entry barriers.

  • Digital Marketing – Knowing how to use big data research to formulate marketing strategies and tactics is key to positioning your business in the marketplace. CPI positions your business' products and services for market campaign success thought monitoring and analyzing social media and search data to ensure an engaged customer experience.

Startup businesses, based in technology, have many unique challenges when entering a market or expanding a product / service offering. These challenges require guidance from those who have experience, and the knowledge of technological strategies that can best position your business for success. The difficulty in addressing these challenges has prohibited many startups from achieving their business goals.

  • Startup Services – CPI has built startups from the ground up; taking them from the initial value proposition through all phases of development to a successful launch. Using technological strategies that are thought out and implemented at startup, maximizes the opportunity for success. CPI has designed plans that define the technology, tools and processes that are required by startup businesses. These plans range from commercial e-commerce websites to analytic decision support systems.

  • Development Methodologies – Software startups have specific needs that require precise technology design strategies. There are many areas to consider including, development tools, source control environments, and quality assurance processes. CPI experts have built these environments and understand the tools and technologies, as well as the agile methodologies that support the development process.

  • Production Environments – Bring software products to market requires a knowledge of production support processes and cloud facility management. Technological strategies of storage, network, security and disaster recovery are essential for a successful operation. CPI has managed these environments for over a decade and has a flawless record of up-time as well as extensive management expertise. This expertise in production technology strategies can provide your startup the experience to bring your value proposition to a successful launch.

The CPI Difference

Precise technology strategies is using the right technology to build value and provide measurable results and ROI. CPI's unique insight and experience in these technologies enables us to provide solutions for your specific business challenges resulting in...

  • Value Enhancementsmart technology strategies will increase the value of a company by reducing risk and foster growth

  • Marketing Advantage – using data and research will drive growth and organization value

  • Employee Mobility – facilitating staffing flexibility and increased employee productivity

  • Increased Security – deploying technological strategies insures that confidentiality and security are at industry levels

  • Neutralize Operational Risk – defining critical business functions as key organizational resources to enable staff secession planning

  • Standardization – helping the business become isolated to changing technology by providing operational continuity

  • Cost Savings – reducing operational costs through automation and cloud infrastructures

  • Scalabilitymaximizing the ability of technology strategies to compliment and maintain your business growth

CPI provides technology strategies that build value in your business.
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