"…the unspent capital that private equity firms have available globally, has risen from $1.2 trillion in December 2014 to $1.34 trillion as of October 26. The figure has increased steadily since late 2012, when it stood at $940 billion…"

-WSJ, 2015

CentrePoint (CPI) recognized these facts well before they were published in the Wall Street Journal. We recognize that a large portion of middle market business owners are aging with limited exit strategies for their business. We see it in the sheer number of businesses that are not getting the kind of attention they deserve from private equity firms. We asked a few simple questions:

  • Why are companies being undervalued?

  • Why do we see an increase in the inventory of companies for sale?

  • Why is Angel and Venture money not finding a home?

  • Why are companies struggling with technology?

  • Why is the new age of technological sales and marketing not being harnessed?

CPI assembled a team to answer these questions and more. The result is a new collection of methodologies set to change the paradigm of business models.

We combine our expertise in business brokerage, technology and investment knowledge for you, the backbone of our economy – the business owner.

Enjoy the information on the site, we hope you are as excited about the future as we are.
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John Lombardi leads CPI with over 30 years of information technology management and consultancy, ensuring the fulfillment of client technology and service needs.  Prior to CentrePoint, John led Vatti-Manhattan Group a technology start-up and Manhattan Group which provided technology consultancy services to a variety of Fortune 100 clients.