"You need to be an entrepreneur to understand the needs of entrepreneurs."

Continuing our 20 year journey in entrepreneurism, CentrePoint has devised a unique alchemy of business processes and planning that can help you.

CentrePoint (CPI) is a private / community equity group creating value in our portfolio companies by providing a suite of technology and management services to consolidate costs, focus on growth and provide an executable exit strategy.

CPI is experienced in running successful projects from technological start-ups to working with senior management of Fortune 100 companies.

CPI understands the key drivers that sell businesses for the best value and lowest risk.

CPI’s staff has command over data and technological resources that open the doors in the investment community.

CentrePoint Advantages

  • Understanding a great business plan has an exit strategy at every juncture.

  • Knowing that true value is created by building organic value within your organization.

  • Command over technology as a value driver for your business.

  • Having insight into data research that open markets and outside investment to bring your company to the next level.

  • Executing strategies with agile business techniques and methodologies that are pragmatic and show ROI.

  • Believing in the fact that partnership is the key to a successful relationship that is mutually beneficial.

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