"In the investment community, it's not how good your idea is; it's getting to the right investor."

CentrePoint (CPI) knows what is needed to get to the right sources, at the right time.  We have the tools, data and contacts you need. We are your Investment Agent. We know how to value companies and position them for investment; the investment world is all about specifically defined value.

CPI defines exactly what you need to do to get the investment money you want, from the right people in your industry that understands your company.

CPI has the tools and the techniques you are looking for, in order to:

  • Prepare your team – the key differentiator of your company
  • Inform you on how investors look at your business and how do they work
  • Build your value proposition
  • Plan with you to position your company with executable strategies that build value
  • Perform the investor searches
  • Define alternative exit strategies
  • Formulate the best approaches for presenting your financial position
  • Define your Unique Selling & Value Position (USVP)
  • Help negotiate and close the deals

Preparing your company for angel / venture funding operating in a pre-IPO state. The company will be fully capitalized in preparation for sale or IPO.

  • Goal & Mission Awareness
  • Market Quantification/Valuation
  • Development Unique Selling & Value Position (USVP)
  • Human Resource Evaluation
  • Marketing Authority
  • Administrative Review
  • Market Obstacles and Objections
  • Competition and their Investors
  • (Current) Company Quantification
  • (Future) Company Quantification/Return on Investment – ROI – calculates the projected value of the company and ROI

Formulating and executing a Business Model/Plan that includes a branding process and management definition for external funding. The end result will position your company for significant growth, scalability, and quantifiable ROI.

  • Advisory Board Definition and Search
  • Execute Marketing Plan
  • Execute Human Resource Planning for Market Expansion
  • Technology Audit and Refinement
  • Executive / Board of Directors
  • Stock Option Planning / Corporate Charter Planning for Financing

CPI can provide many investment and management options.
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